My experience with EZTrader australia


It’s a fact that many traders feel very positive about EZTrader, but that has not always been the case. EZTrader, a company located in Nicosio, Cyprus, was founded in 2008 and wasn’t known for its good customer service in the first years of its existence. EZTrader is part of WGM, and its new management has recently started improving the company’s  image. The management’s new strategy is working: EZTrader is now widely known as a most recommended broker and its binary trade platform is praised for its userfriendliness.


EZTrader is one of the few binary option brokers with its own binary options platform. As EZTrader maintains this platform, it continuously makes improvements focused solely on the trade of binary options.

The improvements to the platform follow the following guidelines: everything on the screen must be easy to grasp as well as userfriendly.  This binary option platform is currently one of the main reasons that EZTrader has a large following. In fact, EZTrader has so many customers, that other brokers strive, and hope, to emulate EZTrader’s results.

One of the most important recent improvements to the platform  is the introduction of a shorter time span before the end of the lead time. As brokers now have until 5 minutes before closing time to invest in the binary options, there is more money to be made. With this shorter time span, or rather, larger time span for decision making, EZTrader operates more in line with other important binary options platforms.

EZTrader improved the platform even further by making it faster and by adding a so called “Sell Option”, by which sales prices have the same value as execution prices.

Finally, there is the introduction of the smartphone app EZMobile, which is available both for iPhone as for Android. EZTrader has brought online trade in binary options to a higher level by making their platform available for mobile users.

Currently, EZTraders offers just one type of trade account. The platform does not distinguish between traders of different levels.

To open a trade account, a trader must invest at least $ 200 / £ 200 / € 200. Additional investments can be made from $ 100 / £ 100 / € 100 on. Money transfers can be made with a credit card, or through money bookers. Credit cards accepted are, among others, American Express, Mastercard, Visa.

One can invest with EZTrader from as little as $ 25. The maximum investment in a binary option is $ 3.000.

EZTrader offers two kinds of options; the call-option and the put-option. One can buy options in stock, indexes, trade currency pairs and the four natural resources oil, gas, gold and silver.

The number of stock options is large. Options in American, European and Asian stock are available.

Previously, EZTraders had a relatively low pay-out percentage of around 60%. The new management under WGM, changed this to an average pay-out percentage of 80, thus improving the company’s image.


EZTrader’s customer service is good. Problems are being solved adequately, and customer service can easily be reached via telephone, e-mail or live chat.

Of course EZTraders also has a bonus system for new traders in place. The first investment lays the basis for the bonus. Once this first investment has been sold at least 25 times, it is refunded. This is reason to be careful with your first investment: if you invest more, say € 1.000, you will have to trade  € 25.000 before you are entitled to the bonus.

EZTraders is well on its way to become an important player in the field of online binary options trade. The company’s popularity slowly grows as the market sees it continuously improves its services and its binary options platform. Many customers already indicate that their experience with EZTraders has been excellent. Review

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